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P&P went to Governors Ball on Randall’s Island in NYC yesterday. We played frisbee, had some drinks, got excited for Run The Jewels’ new album, were reminded how many hits La Roux’s debut had, and, of course, saw the mighty Outkast.

Although the reports of awkwardness and rumors of negativity made it easy to start over-analyzing every on-stage movement, André and Big Boi were sharp as hell last night. There was energy, there were smiles, and there were touching reminiscences back to when they were too young to sign their first contract and when they were practicing their raps pacing around the table in André’s mother’s kitchen. And then there were the songs, sounding as fresh and vibrant and unique as ever, whether it was crowd pleasing singalongs like “Hey Ya” and “So Fresh So Clean” or vintage Outkast moments like “Hootie Hoo” and (the brilliantly staged, personal highlight) “Aquemini.”

Outkast may have been a lot of people’s main reason for going to Gov Ball, but there are a lot more great acts playing today and Sunday. Relive the highlights, look forward to more great music, or just get jealous with our Governors Ball playlist below.