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For the most part, the rap duo is a dying art form. There’s a slowly rising handful of artists trying their best to resurrect the idea of pairings, but besides Run the Jewels, there really haven’t been too many notable examples. APB seem intent on changing this, with a fresh take that blends more accessible elements with the more adventurous sounds many acts are employing today.

Friends since grade school, the pair got together to make music when they saw the opportunity to enter a school talent show. Saying that they “found purpose in performing in front of people,” the pair grew as artists, and as best friends. Their latest project, Egos & Expectations, makes good on their sense of growth over the years, and easily shines as their strongest release yet. Having recorded most of the release in a basement in Scarborough, it was the most stripped back recording experience they’ve ever had, yet it sounds anything but cheap.

Their bright synths, strong melodies, and flurries of words all combine in sound that’s both challenging and immediate. Trying their best to find a middle ground between accessibility and ambition, they’re honing in on a style that’s inspired by many others, but entirely their own. They told us:

Taking a stance in creating a more adventurous soundscape has always been a priority for us.  We wouldn’t be making music if we didn’t feel we had the ability to innovate in some way. We’re influenced by so many different styles of music. What you get a from us is a product of the urge to have a significant identity and sound while balancing with something all listeners can find a vibe to.

Download Egos and Expectations here.

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