You may know Illangelo from his work with The Weeknd, specifically his executive production of 2012’s Trilogy. But if that’s all you know him for, you’re missing out. Illangelo released a whole solo album of forward-thinking electronic music called History of Man last summer and has been involved in production for Wiz Khalifa, Drake, and most recently Movement’s glorious new EP.

His new single “Clockwork,” featuring vocals from Phlo Finister, is out on French label Bromance Records on May 12. The track impresses with an interesting contrast between Phlo’s warm, human vocals and the distorted, industrial edges of the hard-hitting percussion. The duo shared the following statement about “Clockwork”:

We imagined the song set in a retro-futuristic world, similar to movies like Clockwork Orange, Blade Runner or HER. The youth are influenced by a programmed, internet/media driven society.  Distracted, lazy, wasted society, destroying our world. We’ve exhausted our natural resources, while poverty and war continues to spread. The world is an hour-glass turned over, with the time running out.

Listen to our premiere of Illangelo’s “Clockwork” below.