To attempt to slap genre boundaries on Nashville eight-piece band ELEL’s shimmering, stomping “40 Watt” is the sort of writer’s exercise that likely limits the breadth of the bands inspiration (which includes Beach House, Toro Y MoiMGMT, and probably plenty of time spent playing outside as kids) and imagination. Consisting of, as they describe it, “two horns, two drums, three keys , guitar, bass and whole lot of vocals,” the group nicely translates their unusual configuration into something surprisingly cohesive and, put simply, fun.

Packed to the brim with sounds, simultaneously feeling modern and nostalgic (there’s a haziness reminiscent of Tame Impala), “40 Watt” shines and burrows its way into your brain–even if the lyrics are obscured by warming reverb and echo. ELEL deftly serves up bright energy, providing the perfect accompaniment for those seeking an off-kilter sunshine anthem.

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