Online search engine Yahoo is partnering with Live Nation to stream one concert per day for an entire year. On top of that, they will keep 1,200 of the best songs from the shows available for on-demand streaming. Streaming will start this summer and will be found on “Yahoo Screen.” At the moment, no artists have been announced, but since Live Nation is the biggest promoter in the US, there are sure to be some famous artists involved.

Live Nation’s CEO Michael Rapino took to Yahoo’s Tumblr to comment:

Sixty million people attended our 23,000 Live Nation concerts last year alone,” said. “The Live Nation Channel on Yahoo will build on this scale and become a great, new destination for music fans.

Streaming has seen a hug surge in popularity over the past 5 years, with dedicated streaming sites like Boiler Room being joined by live streams of many of the major festivals. This is great news for music lovers, especially those who don’t live near regular live shows or can’t afford an expensive festival ticket, but as live streaming gets more and more popular, hopefully everyone remembers that nothing beats actually experiencing amazing moments of live music in person.