Image via Spooky Black's Soundcloud

Image via Spooky Black’s Soundcloud

Some explanation regarding Spooky Black might be handy, but then again it could really ruin part of his appeal. He’s an absolutely bizarre artist that poses in all black with a gold chain, wearing clothes far too big for him, all whilst donning a ill-suiting du-rag. It’s hard to explain who he is, or even what he is; but it is easy to explain his singular brand of outsider R&B. Gliding over ethereal production, his surprisingly pretty voice makes his appearance all the more jarring. Disregarding that, Spooky’s “Leaving” might just be his best vocal showcase so far—but there’s no doubting that he’s still going to be a divisive one.

Listen to “Leaving” below, and check out the strange lo-fi video for “Without U” below that.

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