London-based singer-songwriter Py has quietly been carving out her niche in pop and R&B for a couple of years now, starting when she released her mixtape, Tripping On Wisdom, back in 2012, and now continuing her evolution with the forthcoming single, “Swimming Slow.” Slated for an official release on March 10—but available on her SoundCloud since December, the track now has a visual narrative to accompany its thick bass and swelling textures.

What starts out as a grim, moody affair—opening with a shot of crushed up cigarettes—soon becomes a strange, seedy dream, as Py spills her heart out for a depraved onlooker peeping in on her performance. Did this guy’s Valentine’s Day just take an unexpected turn for the better, or is it just a lonely fantasy for the broken-hearted? You be the judge.

“Swimming Slow” is out 3/10 via Champion Records. The single will feature remixes from Citizen, Sweater Beats, Gang Colours, and Throwing Snow.

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