Just when you thought pop culture was starting to calm down from the bizarre night that was the Grammys, Vin Diesel says “LOL, not so fast” and gifts us with the most random, wonderful, and entertaining gift possible. Early this morning the actor posted the below video to his Facebook account, in which he sings both Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse” followed by Beyoncé and Jay Z’s “Drunk In Love.” Between Vin not really knowing the words, his camo shorts, the “all love” text on the screen as the video fades out, and his surfbort “dance” (which kind of looks like a newborn baby just learning to stand and walk) it’s nearly impossible to pick a best moment from this. It’s completely off the wall, but you kind of have no choice but to appreciate it because we’ve ALL done shit like this. Each and every one of us. Bless you Vin Diesel.


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