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Australia really seemed to have a moment in 2013, especially during the latter half of the year. From trippy rock and experimental R&B to ambient pop and bluesy soul, Australian artists from across genres continually impressed us, and the likes of Flume and Tame Impala have cemented their place as internationally acclaimed artists.

The most exciting music, however, continues to come from the underground, and the latest Australian band to steal our hearts is Twin Caverns. They are a duo from Sydney made up of 22 year old Louise Millar and Michael Macias who told us that they “met probably about 2 years ago through many mutual friends who all played music or did art in some way in Sydney, but have only been making music together for a year or so.”

Twin Caverns have two original songs and one Bon Iver cover on their Souncloud, and it is the most recently uploaded, “Undiscover,” that stands out. Mixing electronics with the kind of guitar reverb filled opening that will have many listeners thinking of The xx, it is a subtle and well-written song, and a great introduction to a band who already seem to have perfected their sound.

‘Undiscover’ is about head games; hoping that the unforgettable could be forgotten.

The band are just as excited about the music scenes bubbling up Down Under as we are: “It’s incredibly exciting seeing acts like Hiatus Kayote take on the big guns. There are definitely pockets in Sydney where the love between artists is strong and there’s a lot of beautiful stuff happening with various connections and collaborations.”

Listen to “Undiscover” and “Swell” below. Follow Twin Caverns on Facebook here and download music from their Bandcamp here.

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