London-based alt-soul singer SLK (pronounced ‘Silk’) fits pretty comfortably into the wealth of alternative R&B cropping up in seemingly every corner of her city of residence. How to differentiate yourself in a flood? A distinctive voice is a solid foothold.

SLK’s voice is rich and husky, a welcome change of pace from the wispier vocals that seem to have become par for the course in the budding subgenre and a perfect match for the slinking, moodily ambient production that accompanies her on debut single “Ride.” Also refreshing: “Ride” does not concern itself with drugs, sex, or anything remotely resembling debauchery. It’s not precisely a sober affair, but its message verses are of the inspirational variety, an ode to striving and seizing destiny rather than reaching for the pill bottle. For its earnestness, “Ride” loses none of the atmosphere that has become a trademark of alt R&B. Listen to it below.

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