Image via Facebook

Image via Facebook

Snoop Dogg has been on my short list of fantasy Christmas dinner invitees for a long, long time. He would immediately melt into the family dynamic, and would bring extra stuffing as his potluck contribution. And we’d be like, “extra stuffing, Snoop? You are so crazy I love it.”

The man just knows how to celebrate in style, so it should come as no surprise that Snoop (this is Snoop Dogg, not Snoopzilla or Snoop Lion) has covered Elvis Presley’s “Blue Christmas” to celebrate the birth of baby Jesus.

There’s some classic Doggy Style AutoTune in the back, but the man himself actually gets through the thing. He knows how to use his voice as a singer—where to go, where to avoid. Have a listen below, and Merry Christmas from Snoop Dogg. Have a listen to the original afterwards if you’re in the midst of a food coma.


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