Earlier this year, we put together a post called How To Get Your Music Posted on Blogs. Burger, an 18-year-old rapper from New Orleans, didn’t read that post. In it, we advised artists not to pitch music via Twitter—not because we don’t like when artists do that, because we know others don’t. But Twitter is where Burger decided to make his pitch.

“How about you guys start posting actual Pigeons on your blog instead of all of those Planes,” he tweeted at us. “What about us? the artists who literally are ‘unknown’ and are looking for exposure?”

So I listened, a little annoyed that he suggested we “start posting Pigeons,” since we post unknown, independent artists all the time and that’s one of the foundations of the site. I was ready to listen and dismiss. But Burger sent a song, “Lacoste,” and the shit was impressive. He had a sharp way with words like Earl Sweatshirt, but less sedated and a little more modern. Here’s what we now know about the young spitter:

Burger’s the guy on the first verse. He’s 18 and from New Orleans, and he’s part of a crew that started up during his sophomore year of high school. The crew is called called Krewe of 77. On the second verse is Tim Cross. “We realized there isn’t a lot of good music presented by the youth coming out of our city so we decided to step up and try to make a change. Not everything has to be over some fucking mainstream ‘trap’ instrumental that they probably ripped from YouTube.” His influences include MF DOOM and early Kanye West. He records most of his songs in his bedroom, and he’s planning to drop a project called Monotone in 2014.

Cheers to independent young artists and reckless Twitter pitches.

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