Kayla has been contributing to Pigeons & Planes for a while now. When she was 10 years old, she told us about her favorite music and let us know what she thought of Ke$ha, Tyler, The Creator, Lykke Li, and Lil Wayne. Ever since then she’s been dropping in to keep us updated with her evolving taste and her take on what’s happening in music.

This weekend, following Miley Cyrus’ Saturday Night Live appearance and all the drama surrounding the pop star’s new image, we had to find out what Kayla, now 13 years old, had to say. It’s been argued that Miley freaks us all out because she makes us feel old. But at 13, Kayla doesn’t feel old. She does, however, seem a little freaked out by Miley.

I texted her (she just got her first iPhone) and asked her to share some thoughts. Here’s the email she wrote in response:

Dear Cubbers,

Miley Cyrus…where do I begin? Well shes definitely changed and its actually sad because Hannah Montana was literally my favorite show when i was a kid. I think her weirdness all started when her Disney career ended. Her new music is actually really good in my opinion, but the music videos for them are inapporiate and they portray her in a way that mothers don’t want there young daughters, who are fans of Miley, to see. “We Cant Stop” is a good, fun song but its super overplayed. But “Wrecking Ball” oh my gosh I actually love that song so much and it ha a really good message. Its about how she misses Liam and shes still hurt but the music video is disturbing.

Her performance and hosting of SNL was kind of like she was trying too hard, like always, but it was also kind of funny in some of the skits, I like how she realizes how she acts and she can make a joke of it. So her VMA performance was actually so weird i had to close my eyes, like honestly Robin Thicke is married, with a child. Another thing is why is she so obsessed with twerking like i know its a popular thing right now but some of my friends have bigger asses then her. She also needs to learn how to keep her tongue inside her mouth because it’s not attractive. I also cannot believe she cut off her hair, I loved her hair so much and it was so gorgeous and now its actually so terrible, like what even are those little pigtail things she wears all the time??

I feel like she’s just trying to find herself and she’s upset and doesn’t know what to do now that Liam and her are broken up. At least she’s not as bad as Ke$ha..yet. As Miley warned us a couple of years ago, she cant be tamed, and that’s totally right..

Love, Kayla

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