Image via Soundcloud

Image via Soundcloud

Some of the most powerful music is discovered at six in the morning and it’s sometimes very specific to those late nights of no sleep and a zombie-like state. So we decided to start Late Night Music. If we find ourselves listening to a song between 2 and 6 in the morning, we’ll post it between 2 and 6 in the morning. See you out here, fellow insomniacs.

In general, if you’re sitting alone in your room late at night, the best music for populating playlists is soft and soothing, the sort of stuff that will send you to sleep or at least prepare you for bed. Of course, this all depends on your definition of “best” and how recently you were huffing bath salts. For some of us, “best” in regards to late night music is encapsulated by the description producer MONEYDVNCE provides for his remix of Cam’ron’s “Get ‘Em Girls”:

“Killa being lensed by John Carpenter whilst Rowdy Roddy Piper slapboxes cyborgs in 1980’s urban dystopia.”

Not sure what that means? You will when MONEYDVNCE’s thunderous, skeletal drums, distorted horn stabs, and haunted galaxy synths fill your speaks. It’s altered states music, a take on Cam that puts our stylish Harlem hero in another dimension and leaves him to fight the space demons with only his wits and massive dollar stacks.

Godspeed, alternate dimension Cam’ron. We wish you the best in your travels.

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