Let me talk my shit/16 when they tried to give me 3500/Now them labels back on my dick

Though Vic Mensa has been playing in and around music’s big leagues for the better part of the last half decade, his upcoming #INNANETAPE feels like a fresh beginning, the rebirth of an artist faced with the spotlight’s crucible, spurred to maturity by his own experiences and the explosive rise of a close associate, Chance the Rapper. In the interim between the dissolution of his old group Kids These Days and his looming solo release date, Mensa has become a formidable rapper in his own right, ably spreading world weariness and wit alike across beats with purpose and spirit.

New single “YNSP” shows Mensa at his most purposeful, playing off of DJ Dahi‘s knack for triumphant warmth with a barrage of sharp syllables, reflecting on his past while looking firmly towards the future. Eliza Doolittle makes an able foil to Mensa, blanketing the rapper’s fire with her charming brand of soulful pop. It’s an exciting appetizer before the full meal arrives on September 30th.

(Miss Info)