When we heard a 90-second clip of M.I.A.’s “Come Walk With Me,” it sounded like she had chosen a bouncy, jaunty, crowd sing-along pop tune as her single, but now the full version of the song has been unleashed, it’s clear that things are not quite as they seemed. At around the 1:30 mark, there is a total beat change, with the rest of the song being a manic, hard-hitting, party-starting track. Never change M.I.A., never change.

Matangi is out November 5, and you can listen to “Come Walk With Me” here.

UPDATE: During an advanced listening of the M.I.A. album, this song was very different, shorter and without the big change in the beat that comes in at 1:30. No word on whether or not this an alternate version or if M.I.A. just made a last minute decision to switch things up, but it’s been confirmed that this is the official version on iTunes in Australia and New Zealand.

UPDATE 2: Universal has confirmed that this version, the single version, is different from the album version. But that’s not to say this longer version won’t end up being the album version. We’ll see.

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