Any aspiring mash-up makers should know that the key to a successful mash-up is a good name. Start with a good name, and your project is surely destined for success, no matter how awkward and clunky it is.

Case in point, this album of Death Grips and Death Cab For Cutie mash-ups, called Death Grips For Cutie (duh). Mashing up tracks from Exmilitary and NO LOVE DEEP WEB with songs from Transatlanticism and Plans, you won’t hear anything more weird today than MC Ride spitting his hoarse voiced, paranoid rhymes over gentle acoustic guitar. Check it out below, being sure to pay attention to that one-of-a-kind artwork.

The 25 Best Mash-Ups


Death Grips For Cutie Tracklist:
01. Soul Beware Body
02. Guillotine and Registration
03. Takyon Will Possess Your Heart
04. Spread Eagle Cath The Block
05. Lord of the Track (feat. Mexican Girl)
06. Skin Creepin
07. Your Klink
08. I Will Follow You Into The Unknown For It
09. The Sound Settling Thru The Walls
10. I Want Transatlanticism I Need Transatlanticism
11. A Lack Of Culture