When you trawl the Soundcloud waters for treasures, you come across some fairly ridiculous but often appropriately specific subgenres. Some don’t necessarily capture the particular sonic qualities of these invented genres, doing more to describe the mood or conceptual underpinnings.

NYC’s Bird Call tags a lot of their songs with “electrogrimeyromance,” a descriptor somewhere between existing genres and the atmosphere created. New single “Tao of Love” is a fitting standard-bearer for the group’s genre of choice. Spiraling synths and organs, warm textures, and echoing percussion give Bird Call’s Chiara Angelicola a sensual, shifting canvas for her slinky, sexually-charged ruminations: “And I’m not afraid of my secrets, I’m not afraid of it all/So where’s the Tao of love and life?” It’s pop filtered through loose, borderless sensibilities, not defying genre, but rather cherry-picking across blurred lines to great effect.