Back in December, Speakerfoxx dropped her Skin mixtape, helping us get all sensually seductive during the winter months. If you’re looking for a bit of that turnup during the summer months, you should check out her mixtape collaboration with twin entrepreneurs Dee & Ricky (presented in part with Factory Studios). This is the first of a series of music and fashion projects that she’s working on, combining the best in fashion with music that compliments their unique style. These two are known for their pop art aesthetic, and Speakerfoxxx‘s selection is definitely all over the place (although you can easily spot the “up top” and “down south” influences in her selection). It’s a solid mix to turn on as your party’s getting underway, and features a number of your favorites, including Pusha T, Salva, DJ Snake, and others.


1. Intro / No New Friends
2. “Body Party” Ciara
3. “All I Need (prod by The Flush)” Spree Wilson ft Go Dreamer
4. “Nantes” Beirut
5. “All The Hoes (prod by DJ Burn One)” Scotty ATL ft Curtis Williams of Two9
6. “Betcha Can’t Do It Like Me” D4L
7. “FUKK off” Grip Playaz ft Trinidad James & Go Dreamer
8. “Magic” Psychodrama
9. “Pop Out” Katie Got Bandz ft King Louie
10. “Nextel Chirp” Maceo
11. “Master P (prod by Razcal Life)” Bobby Basqui
12. “Make Em Say Uhh!” Master P
13. “Bobby’s World (prod by Sunset Grove)” Bobby Basqui
14. “Numbers On The Board (prod by Don Cannon)” Pusha T
15. “Like Whaaat (Salve rmx)” Problem
16. “Bird Machine” DJ Snake ft Alesia
17. “What Happened To That Boy” Birdman ft Clipse
18. “Choppa Style” Choppa ft Master P
19. “Young & Beautiful” Lana Del Rey
20. Outro / “Down 4 My Niggaz” C-Murder