Nicolas Jaar and regular collaborator Dave Harrington have remixed Daft Punk’s entire Random Access Memories album, taking into weird but entirely engrossing territory. The remix album, called Daftside, is almost an hour long, and sees Jaar and Harrington ridding RAM of much of its overtly poppy sheen, moving the songs further into the realms of dance music. The whole album is pretty fantastic, but if your instinct is to immediately check out “Get Lucky,” you likely wont be disappointed – just make sure you wait until the song is past its halfway mark and drops in to some sort of weird astral hip hop bounce.

Other highlights include the propulsive chug of “Giorgio by Moroder” and my current favourite “Doin’ It Right,” resplendent with chopped up vocals and some delightful drum programming.

Nicolas Jaar played a stunning 45 minute set for Boiler Room x RBMA in New York recently, watch/listen to that here.

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