Just a couple of weeks ago, the world was full of so much possibility, but in an interview with Rolling Stone, Madlib revealed that he has doubts about the follow-up to the critically adored Madvillainy. The producer explained that the ball is in DOOM‘s court now:

I handed all the beats to DOOM years ago, but ever since he’s been in Europe, he’s been hard to get a hold of. I feel it probably won’t happen, but you never know. I can’t sit and wait on that. I did my part.

Lucky for us, Madlib’s got other projects to work on, and he confirmed that an album of new Quasimoto material is in the works. “The shrooms were the stuff that made me do Quasimoto in the first place. Hopefully, I get back on that level where I can finish it.” Also confirmed: MadGibbs, his project with Freddie Gibbs, is done, and it features guest verses from Earl Sweatshirt and Danny Brown.

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