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Earlier this week, we were treated to “Years,” taken from Hodgy Beats‘ latest EP, Untitled 2. Picking up, and expanding on, where he was last year with the first Untitled EP, Hodgy’s solo work seems to allow him to open up deeper than he does on the MellowHype or other Odd Future-related material, and we’re thankful. The production credits for Untitled featured the likes of The Alchemist, Flying Lotus, and Juicy J, but we don’t have that info this go ’round. Not that it truly matters, as we get a healthy dose of Hodgy’s lane, and hell, we get to hear Left Brain on the smoked-out “Karateman.” Hodgy even gets into some truly heavy metal on “Wicked” and “Goodbye,” where he goes from singing to rapping like it’s nothing. There’s something for every kind of OFWGKTA fan on this one. You can grab this project for free via


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