A month after finding out about mysterious Russian indie-popsters Park, Squares, and Alleys through beautiful, nostalgia-soaked single “Youth,” we get a a bit of insight into the the track from PSA mastermind Sergei and a properly evocative video to accompany the track:

“I wrote ‘Youth’ at night lying on the couch with a guitar. Unbelievable, the words just came out from me, I just knew what lyrics should be. That song is about the true young love that never dies. Never truly cheating your heart. It’s so romantic I think.”

The video–a lush travelogue of sorts, visually reminiscent of films like Goodbye South, Goodbye–follows a girl’s travels through rural China, the teeming streets of Shanghai, and the surrounding beaches and seas, taking us on trains, boats, bikes, and sidewalks. It’s a simple concept executed with gorgeous grace, a visual treatment you might expect of a romantic indie film, mirroring both the song’s sun-drenched sound and Sergei’s intention (if perhaps a bit abstractly).

Another reminder that an effective video need not rely on a core gimmick or flashy visuals. Sometimes beauty is enough.