Over the past few weeks, Florida emcee Robb Bank$ has released a steady stream of new music in anticipation of his late summer mixtape, Tha City. On “All The Way Live,” Bank$ sounds right at home over soupy, bass-heavy, SpaceGhostPurrp and Nuri production and references Florida hit from a few years back, “Ms. All The Way Live.”

Moving away from Bank$’ typically energetic flow and usual barrage of clever Pokemon references (you read that correctly) and absurdist threats (though some sneak their way in), “All The Way Live” feels like bizarro Drake, girl-focused but anti-emotion, a dark, low-key exploration of a lustful relationship. It’s more atmospheric than anything Bank$ has put out, though it still flashes his ability to craft memorable hooks, even amid SpaceGhostPurrp’s trademark murk.

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