Tricky False Idols Nothing's Changed

It’s hard to believe that it has been 20 years since Tricky first stepped onto the scene, all gruff and witty wordplay. He quickly grew from the “Tricky Kid” that spit verses on seminal Massive Attack albums to the guy that they used to call “Tricky Kid,” living the life they wished they did. Maxinquaye is a certified classic (and if you say anything else, you need your head examined), and the first five (or so) years of Tricky’s run were pretty damn epic. He had glimmers of hope in and out of the period following, but definitely had more misses than hits, so it’s great to hear that, while not a total Maxinquaye-redux, he has returned as close to form as you’d hope for. We don’t want our favorite artists creating the same song over and over, and Tricky is far from that. You just get the raw, emotional realness in the lyrics atop unique sounds that will tug at the heart, make you nod at your head, and have you falling in love with Tricky all over again.

Tricky’s False Idols will be available on May 28.


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