Precious little information exists online about indie dreampoppers Parks, Squares and Alleys. On Soundcloud, new single “Youth” is tagged with “reverbpop,” “dreampop,” “indiepop,” “indie-pop,” “youth,” and “russia.” So, using our powers of deduction and conjecture, it seems that “Youth” is dreamy, reverb-y, indie-pop from Russia.

Whatever its origins, whether the product of a band or one mind, “Youth” is sort of hazy shoegaze perfect for the thawing of winter, the coming of spring, and the memories of summers past. With its melancholic, sepia-stained guitar and echo-washed vocals, “Youth” sounds like adolescence lived and lost–the inevitable passage.

Listen to “Youth” below and keep your eyes on Parks, Squares, and Alleys.

(Crack in the Road)