If you’re a fan of the current crop of house producers making waves right, you either know who Amtrac is or you should learn the name immediately (DAD can help with your primer). The line between good house and bad house can be almost imperceptible. At times, warm bass and persistent drums can hit just right, rising and falling at perfect pace to create hypnotic dance floor burners; at others, those same elements can form a shapeless, incessant sprawl that threatens to never end.

Amtrac, luckily, finds his production falling in the former category far more often than the latter. On his remix of Ellie Goulding’s “Without Your Love,” he applies his knack for vocal chops and general warmth, transforming an anthemic pop tune into a dance floor-ready seven minute odyssey. He varies the elements throughout, bringing in buzzing synths, full verses, and all manner of bells and whistles to keep ears and feet consistently captivated.

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