If you’ve been following trends in electronic music for the last year and a half, you’re probably about ready to never hear the word trap again. Good news and bad news. First, the bad: Trap has passed the phase where it’s no longer as cool for the first adopters and early listeners, and it’s now passing into its mainstream pop moment a la dubstep a few years back (thanks The good news? Trap is far more versatile than dubstep. As an outgrowth of southern hip-hop and a natural, tempo-driven cousin of house, trap opens up opportunities for all sorts of intriguing experimentation.

On new single “That Ish,” Branchez doesn’t keep things strictly in the trap lane, bringing in house influence and a heavier lean on hip-hop aesthetics to brighten up the proceedings. To be sure, it’s still classifiable as trap–the force of the drums, the vocal chops, and the hi-hats are clear signals–but Branchez is sharp and versatile enough to move away from the icy trance and festival sounds that are now overtaking so much of the music coming out of various corners of the American EDM landscape. As with “Shake,” there’s a certain heart to Branchez’s production that provides an uncommon emotional hook to match its visceral punch.

Give “That Ish” a listen below.

(Do Androids Dance)