Sometimes, as a music writer at any level, you wish you could set fire to the adjectives that collect around certain subgenres and buzz-artists. Often writing about an artist like the Weeknd or Odd Future during their meteoric rise can feel like an exercise in repetition or, otherwise, digging through to find something that sounds descriptive without being wildly unnatural.

But, sometimes, the words simply are what they are, and you use them with good reason.

Brooklyn-based band Lapland’s self-titled debut album is the sort of bedroom pop that blends inter-generational influences (hear shades of Johnny Mathis on “Aeroplane,” strains of tropicalia on “Overboard,” and the fingerprints of the Beach Boys throughout) into a beautiful stew that conjures descriptors like “breezy,” “shimmery,” “hazy,” and “gorgeous.” At its core, Lapland is a smartly constructed collection of songs, well-written and pleasant, an easy-going background or a soundscape to get lost in.

Give Lapland’s self-titled debut a listen below.

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