Moko is a 21-year-old girl from Southeast London, a fact that seems hard to believe after hearing her textured, strong vocals on her debut track “Summon the Strength.” While she finishes up her last year studying at Goldsmith University, she’s been quietly making friends in the music industry—including her fellow Londoner King Krule—and making some music of her own.

The premiere video “Summon the Strength” channels the passion of Nina Simone but reveals that she also has a dance flair in the vein of Beyonce to offer—good things are certainly in store for Moko. Although she grew up singing in church the topic of this initial song stray into the forbidden. Most of the other details about her remain hidden for now, but you can follow her on Tumblr here. Check out her darkly lit, dancing video below for the first taste of this rising UK songbird.