Back on December 12, BBC Radio 1’s premiere tastemaker named British singer Marika Hackman‘s playfully enchanting “Cannibal” the “Hottest Record In the World.” You may not have noticed because you were worried about the oncoming apocalypse, but Hackman’s intricately quirky lyrics (primarily concerned with metaphorical self-mutilation and cannibalism) and delicately firm voice held promise for those that like a bit more of the bizarre in their pop.

“Retina Television” continues to showcase Hackman’s particular gifts. Over clopping percussion and a gorgeous, wordless vocal melody, Hackman sings of falling from grace and the comforts of a lover’s arms–tried and true territory, given new life with a simple, striking arrangement. “Retina Television” feels both timeless and entirely modern, easily pegged as a product of modern experiments in odd-pop, but of a piece with the work of Nico and Suzanne Vega (it wouldn’t be entirely surprising to hear “Retina Television” was an outtake from the latter’s seminal Solitude Standing).

A beautiful soundtrack to getting lost in thought as you begin the week.

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