If you’ve been in a public space with a radio in the past two years, chances are you’ve been treated to the folksy, stomping phenomenon that is Mumford and Sons. Hold that thought.

Perhaps a set of untrained ears (or ears trained by Coolio and Common) leads to the easy and somewhat lazy comparison of Britsh band Thumpers’ “Dancing’s Done” to Mumford’s anthemic bread and butter. A closer listen reveals something more at work.

While the riotous, wave-Guinness-high heights of Mumford seem an obvious point of reference, stomping drums and small, glitchy accents (particularly on debut single “Sound of Screams,” which you can stream below the video for “Dancing’s Done”) suggest a group as in touch with their folksy roots as the modern pulse. Hopefully they continue to develop this sound in some intriguing, catchy directions–their debut 7″ single sees the light of day on February 4.

Watch “Dancing’s Done” below.

(The Line of Best Fit)