A welcome surprise: Nacho Picasso returns to grace our ears with more outlandish punchlines and his signature deadpan delivery on new, free mixtape Black Narcissus. Look, you want some serious conscious shit? Go dust off some old Rawkus records. This is ignorance at its clever, quotable finest, guaranteed to make you smile if you like clever turns of phrase, off-kilter imagery, and a rapper who compares himself to some weird shit (the chorus of standout “Cover Me In Gold”: “Steal all my fortune/I feel like a orphan/Cover me in gold till I feel I’m important” or “Darth Maul in skinnies” from “Galactic”). It’s certainly not for everyone, but it’s a worthy (and well-produced, thanks to Raised Byy Wolves and Eric G) follow-up to Nacho’s Exalted.