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If you’re wise, you’ve already grabbed that Wu-Tang Pulp compilation that dropped last month. That project was one of the many that Philly MC Zilla Rocca has been juggling, and as quick as you can say “I bomb automically,” he’s onto his next release. The end of October will see him drop his Party With Villains EP, and “Nothing In The Bank” is the second single that we’re glad to drop on you. Over a fierce beat from Alpha 1 (love the percussion he threw in there), Zilla Rocca is joined by MCs Alex Ludovico and Mally – who in particular really comes off well in that third verse. This is one of those tracks that can become your anthem at about 1AM on a Saturday; you’re a few drinks in, and you hit the ATM to realize you have depleted all of your funds. Could be worse, though. These days? Everyone’s fucked, so spend some time getting fucked up and count your blessings.


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