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After years of frustration, confusion and much strife from the family of J Dilla and his many fans worldwide, the Yancey Music Group issue a press release last night that officially announced Frank Nitt as the Chief Curator of the J Dilla Music Catalogue. It makes sense, after confusing situations like the Rebirth of Detroit album that dropped this year, or the talk of 8,000 records from Dilla’s personal vinyl collection being sold at a record shop in Detroit, you’d wished that someone like Nitt that was close to Dilla as both a collaborator and a friend for over 25 years would be in control of the catalogue.


— Frank Nitt (@Franknitt) September 14, 2012


Judging by the interviews with Nitt and Dilla’s mother found in the press release, it sounds like their ducks are finally in a row. We can only continue to hold out hope that the abundance of Dilla music that is out there and still unreleased can see the light of day in some way, shape, or form, and that the man who influenced so many can be respected for years to come in a way that he wasn’t while he was still on this earth.

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