Alexander Spit’s name has been coming up a lot lately. But in hip-hop in 2012, there’s no shortage of names that have been coming up a lot. It seems like everyone is an up-and-coming rapper/producer these days. A lot of them really understand the direction hip-hop is moving in, and the ones best at exploiting that new direction are often the most successful. A lot of the time, they are also the most derivative, uncreative, and obnoxious.

Alexander Spits manages to keep things sounding 2012 without riding a wave of trends. As indicated by his name, he’s got that spitter’s mentality, but he’s also not just spewing out words, rapping about rapping for rapping’s sake. Thanks in large part to his inventive production, this 5-song EP doesn’t have a dull moment, and the shit has us excited to hear his Decon debut, coming in the fall. Also look out for singer Bado (featured on track 1) to release her Alexander Spit-produced project on August 21st.

DOWNLOAD: Alexander Spit – A Breataking Trip EP


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