Premiere time! Let Bear Driver lighten your friday load with the bright and breezy “Enemy,” which sees yearning, youthful vocals emerging unscathed from a muddied pool of reverb laden guitars and rattling percussion. Vocal duties are shared by Harry and Oli, who started the band after meeting in Leeds, and they combine for a delightfully catchy chorus that cries out for blue skies, open fields and afternoons spent drinking and reminiscing about lost lovers.

“Enemy” will be released May 28th through Adventure Club Records, and Bear Driver’s self-titled debut album is due out on June 4th. Go say hi to the band on Facebook, or if you’re one of those strange people who actually leaves the comforting glow of your computer screen to venture outside, you can go and say hi in person – they’ll be performing in London on May 7th at The Lexington and June 8th at Old Blue Last.