Last month, I was talking to Emay about his upcoming project. I’m a fan of his music, but he’s never seemed to keep up with the way things happen on the internet. At least, that’s how I saw it. Until he told me about his project, I had no idea he was working on it. He doesn’t drop promo videos or random mixtapes. He doesn’t share unfinished demos or loose throwaways every couple weeks. I brought this up to him, and told him that with things moving so fast and people consuming so much, he might want to keep a steady flow coming to keep himself on peoples’ radars.

“My last project release was only a year ago,” he replied, “but because a lot of artists, especially in hip-hop, are releasing music like no tomorrow it seems like forever. I just want to do my own thing and make sure the project is well constructed and what not. If I have to take two years to work on a project, I will.”

You don’t hear things like this very often. I get asked more often about which PR firms are good or who to talk to about getting a post than the music itself. As impressed as I was with his dedication to the quality of his work above all else, I told him that even if people liked him, they might forget about him if he goes too long without putting something out.

“I don’t fear being forgotten about over a six month period by some people. The people that really like it listen to it continuously, and the others will be interested again if I drop something else. It’s whatever to me. I’m not subjecting myself or my art for anyone. Nor am I better than any of the people that enjoy it. If they respect that then it’s all good. If they’re going to complain that I’m not “active” or prolific enough they’re mistaken, but I’m not mad at them. That’s just how things are now. I don’t want to be a part of that though.”

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DOWNLOAD: Emay – Adam

DOWNLOAD: Emay – Adam