Numero vente dos. Like a boss. There are almost too many dance muziks to fit in one post – this one is bursting at the seams with beats, bangers, bass, and any other great things beginning in “b” that you care to mention. So what are you waiting for? Head off into the post for a veritable mélange (that’s French innit) of dance music, and make sure you don’t forget to grab that handy .zip file of all the free to download tracks below. SWOOP.


We all know that disco can solve the world’s problems, so it’s lucky that party loving London foursome Lovers & Gamblers have taken it upon themselves to put the fun into UK pop singer Ronika’s “Automatic” with their good times disco remix. Let your camp side out below, and party like its 1999.

Ronika – “Automatic (Lovers & Gamblers Remix)”

The Numbers record label, run by Jackmaster and Spencer, is always on point with it’s releases (not to mention the incredible parties they throw) and this most recent one is no different. Kodiak are a duo from London, and “Spreo Superbus”, their first release, is a hard to classify six minutes of bass, cut up vocal samples and gigantic crescendos. Backed by remixes from Girl Unit, and Actress, this is an all round heavy release. Check out the ‘aarrrrd Girl Unit Remix (and kaleidoscopic video) below, and listen to the excellent original here. BIGCHOON.

Deadboy. Is. Sick. His remixes of Drake’s “Fireworks” and Jamie Woon’s “Night Air” are two of my favourite reworks, and this remix of Stockholm singer Little Jinder’s track, with it’s garage leaning vibe, is another little slice of excellence from Deadboy. Hit play, increase volume…profit.

Producer The Frim was actually shouted out by big man Skream for his heavy dubstep track “High Technology Dub 6,” which would undoubtedly smash up the dance with old-school vibes that would make Coki proud. Proving his remix credentials is mellower “Roots” remix, which may not be so full on, but is just as much testament to the enduring power of bass.

The Frim – “High Technology Dub 6”

Audiafauna – “Roots (The Frim’s Lets Get Skreamy Remix)”

Sub Focus is one of the biggest names in Drum & Bass at the moment and has achieved a great amount of crossover success with his fun, big room stylings. Latest single “Out The Blue” is aimed squarely at the festivals, with its diva-esque vocals and undeniably catchy melody, so get learning the words, and catch Sub Focus and his new live show at one of

From one big name, to another. If you don’t know Simian Mobile Disco you really need to get familiar, as these guys have been on top of things for years, making everything from poppy house, to minimal techno, and winning at all of it. “Seraphim” is a move back to their poppier side, after the purely techno album Delicacies, and it suits them well, as the duo have given us this slinky production, with a spot on vocal sample.

Dayyummm this one goes hard. Polish producer Metsi comes through with a clanking, crunching, unstoppably weighty beast of a big room house track which is going to hunt you down and make you wake you the fuck up.

Metsi – “Murfs”

Well this one is fun. Take one serving of catchy hook, mix with bright keys and a bubbling synths and serve loud. No idea who II Figures are, but this remix has put them on my radar fo’ sho.

Ayah Marar – “Mind Controller (II Figures Remix)”

Moar chilling, less raving. Have a listen to this great remix of Jakwob’s latest release by a 20 year old producer from Glasgow who goes by the name of Sega Bodega. Where the original is a straight up, not especially interesting, upbeat vocal based dubstep track, this remix ebbs and flows, with haunting vocal samples, twinkling keys and varied percussion. It’s always great to see a young producer creating their own individual sound rather than copying whatever is popular, so big up Mr Bodega for this one.

What starts off as white noise, and then a siren eventually morphs into brisk percussion and finally a vocal refrain that worms it way into your head and refuses to leave. Graphics is the dude at the moment, taking pieces from all over EDM and fitting them into his own, lovely bass music puzzle. Metaphors for the win.

Graphics – “I Don’t Wanna”

There’s a whole load of hype swirling around 22-year old Evian Christ in certain dance music circles. After uploading some dark, ambient tracks to YouTube, he got picked up by Triangle and has remastered and rereleased them in the Kings And Them EP. Some of the tracks are hard to get into, and all feature chopped up but still recognizable rap or R&B samples, with the standout for me being the juke-leaning “Fuck It None Of Y’All Don’t Rap”. Give it a spin below, and snag the whole tape HERE.

Evian Christ – “Fuck It None Of Y’All Don’t Rap”