This is nuts. Xaphoon has been on our radar for a few years now, but it’s always so interesting to take a step back and see how far he’s come. The remixes, edits and some of the beats he’s done recently are far exceeding what I expected from the “Kids” sampling dude back in 2009. This remix is just another example, as he builds a stabbing, synth-filled backrop around St. Lucia’s catchy indie with snappy vocal samples and a lot of handclaps darting in and out of the picture, all leading up to a decidedly triumphant breakdown. I like this remix. Can you tell?

St. Lucia is working on a full LP for indie powerhouse label Neon Gold (check out more of them through Foxes). The deal is in conjunction with Columbia, and the intersection of indie and major label stuff is going to be interesting see play out. Everything from this guy has been exceptionally fun, combining pop melodies, sunny synth work and extremely interesting percussion to great effect. Download Xaph’s remix and check out the original for posterity’s sake below.

St. Lucia – “We Got It Wrong (Xaphoon Jones Remix)”

St. Lucia – “We Got It Wrong”

(Neon Gold)