Coming up with that 25 Albums of the Year post was a bitch. The biggest reason for that was the fact that we were leaving a lot of great albums behind the scenes, and there was no in-between: a record either made that top 25 or they were cut. A lot of the ones that made the call difficult are the ones you’re going to see some discussion about – Adele, The Black Keys, Das Racist, etc. However, one of the albums that was the hardest to cut was also one of the true underdogs, the kind no one’s going argue about after the fact and no one expected to make the top 25 in the first place.

DOWNLOAD: Born Gold – Bodysongs

Born Gold is a synth-pop/noise project headed by a dude named Cecil Frena who put out this years most insanely addictive project, for free, in the form of Bodysongs. The music is best describes as some of the most outrageously delightful and catchy pop, except overloaded with far too many elements to keep up with. It’s supercharged, all over the place, and too much fun to really do justice with in words.

Born Gold – “Boring Horror”

When I first wanted to write about Born Gold, my lead was going to be “Instead of comparing Born Gold to other bands or artists, it really only makes sense to compare it to emotions. Namely, happiness.” However, once you really get into the music, and can push past the sensory assault of synths and glitch and half-time shifts in percussion, something strange happens: you notice the lyrics. And these lyrics are grim. One of my favorite songs is about being murdered (and maybe being eaten too). Seriously. Check it out for yourself:

Born Gold – “Alabaster Bodyworlds”

All in all, this album was one of the most endearing, infectious and repeatable records of 2011. It didn’t make our top 25, but it came very, very close.

Download (for the second time): Born Gold – ‘Bodysongs’