The TenSixties are a British band who met and formed in South America of all places, after lead singer Gibbs left his job in England in search of adventure. For most people this search would merely end in unemployment, however Gibbs found fellow band members “the bison (drums), the dance otter (keys) and the wiz (bass)” and together they use the following cunning equation to make their music:

the TENSIXTIES = indie rock + electro × soul² > tomfoolery + escapism × (√facepaint, reckless abandon, repressed emotions²) + cheap whisky – office jobs + the 80s ÷ the age of chivalry + theatrics < the smell of fresh rain on hot asphalt ÷ outfits × banter + dancing²

I don’t know what “John Was Wrong” about, but that opening bass riff, and then the stabbing synth lines speak to me in place of too many lyrics, and have had me hitting repeat just to hear he first minute of the song!

The TenSixties – “John Was Wrong”

If you want to keep up with The TenSixties, who are currently working on new material in Brazil, or want to download their 2 EP’s head to their Facebook or website.

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