Woody is gearing up to drop a new album by the name of *Chrysalis* which is slated to drop on Sept 12th. “Imagine”, featuring Yung Nate, is the 1st single off of the upcoming LP. Woody will also be dropping a different record every week for the rest of this year. Be prepared!

Woody and AtkboyEnt are back with @woodysproduce first single, Imagine ft. YungNate from his new album “Chrysalis”. With a scheduled release date of September 12, 2011, Woody really shows his prowess as an artist and a song-writer. All production, mixing, mastering, writing and vocals were done by Woody, with the exception of one song. The sound of the album has sort of an Emo feel mixed with the experiences associated with listening to Death Cab for Cutie & Outkast. Woody’s versatility has earned him comparisons to a modern-day Prince. Explore for yourself! Visit www.atkboyent.com for up-coming tour dates and all things Woody.

Woody Ft. Yung Nate – “Imagine” | Mediafire

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