When Towns emailed P&P a few days ago I was immediately interested as they’re a Bristol based band, and as you may have picked up from past posts, that is where I live and go to university. It’s such an artistically and musically varied city that you never know what you’ll see or hear next: from Massive Attack and Portishead through Roni Size to Joker, Bristol is an awesome melting pot of genres and styles.

Anyway, enough eulogizing and onto Towns, who make fuzzy, nineties inspired psychedelic rock. What this means is chugging guitars and hazy vocals which build and finally break open into instantly singable Brit-pop choruses. Even more impressive is the fact that the four friends (including brothers Adam and Miles on bass and drums) have only been a band since February and already have a tightness and purpose to their sound. Their nostalgic debut single “Fields” will be released May 23, backed by catchy “Heads Off” both of which you can stream below. What do you guys think?


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