I’m a little late on this, but here’s the new Rich Hil tape. The music is as dark as ever, injected with pain-laced lyrics and production that creeps in and out like shadows in small, empty room. If you’re looking for college rap, this is not that. If you’re looking for street bangers, this is not that. And while “twisted” might be one way to describe Rich’s style, it’s nothing like the removed-from-reality content of Odd Future. The personal nature of Rich’s music is something like the no-holds-barred desperation of a suicide note.

I remember when I first heard Rich. I wasn’t into it. I also remember the first time it clicked with me. Since then, he seems to have gotten better with each release. The music of Rich Hil has always been extremely polarizing, but check out his newest tape and see what you think. Shoutout to A.Hughes.

Check out a couple tracks below, download the mixtape at the bottom.

Rich Hil – “Tired Of Yelling”

Rich Hil – “Are You Scared?”

Rich Hil – “City Lights”

DOWNLOAD: Rich Hil – Limosa Nostra IV (Mixtape) | Alternate

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