Yesterday evening I had the honor, privilege and pleasure of seeing the God MC Rakim, supported by beatboxing maestro Rahzel, performing the entire Paid In Full album live in my hometown of Bristol, England. Needless to say, the show was the very essence of awesome; pure lyricism, some incredible turntabalism and a whole lot of love between crowd and performers.

If Rakim’s smooth flow and funky old-school beats could be compared to an aural massage, this P Money track is an aural assault carried out by a gang of giants wielding blunt clubs. Trust me, this will smash you out of your Sunday stupor!

P Money is a UK grime scene stalwart, and he goes in over Flux Pavilion’s “Bass Cannon” instrumental, which is possibly the most unsubtle piece of music ever made. Hit the jump to see the P Money freestyle which made J Cole want to do a collab, and the download link for P’s 8 track mixtape I Beat The Tune which this one is from. So what do you think of P Money and his “Bass Cannon”?

P Money – P Money’s Bass Cannon

Download P Money’s I Beat The Tune mixtape here.

Apparently J Cole wanted to collab with P Money after hearing this.

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