In hip-hop, it’s getting harder and harder to be rebellious. Shit, you could make a whole album about murder, drugs, and armed robbery and it would probably be a huge hit in the urban, college, private school teen, and single mothers under 40 demographic groups. Odd Future came along and took rebellious to a new level, bringing a psychopathic element to hip-hop, and Lil B is strutting around in skin-tight, deep v-neck purple shirts naming albums I’m Gay and comparing himself to Jesus. Is it even possible to stand out anymore?

This submission email subject line read: “Intense, avant hip-hop”. I haven’t heard the term “avant” used to describe hip-hop since Anti-Pop Consortium, back when I was in high school. To me, “avant” implies some sort of next-level artistic aspect, and I’ve always been attracted to the word. “Avante-anything”, I always say, but I wasn’t quite ready for this. Death Grips.

It definitely isn’t for everyone, but it’s certainly not like anything else out there, and for that alone it’s worth sharing. It’s like one of RZA’s alter-egos dealing with some serious post-traumatic stress disorder. I still don’t know what to make of it, but it’s got my attention. This shit is nuts. Let me know what you think.

Death Grips – Exmilitary – 2 – Guillotine by deathgrips

Hit the jump to watch the video for “Guillotine” and listen to/download the whole mixtape…

DOWNLOAD: Death Grips – Ex-Military (Mixtape)

Death Grips – Exmilitary by deathgrips

DOWNLOAD: Death Grips – Ex-Military (Mixtape)

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