So you might have noticed things have slowed down a little. Plagued by technical issues, I’m prone to bug outs and stress levels that I can’t deal with. But it seems like things are running smoothly, so Loose Ends, right? Right. Here we go.

Halifax, Nova Scotia rapper over some Classified production. Classified‘s production is always so on point.

DOWNLOAD: Ghettochild – On The Move

Blu + U + Flying Lotus. U-God’s kinda random in this one. If you love Blu, if you love Flying Lotus, check it out. Otherwise, probably skippable. Just being honest. Alright, I’ll be more honest. Flying Lotus – really? Fuck, man. I feel like he’s a less concentrated, less creative Madlib. As the nephew of John Coltrane, I’m sure his uncle has heard similar criticisms, and I appreciate that he’s being cutting edge, but it still hasn’t clicked with me. What is the appeal of Flying Lotus? Someone please explain.

DOWNLOAD: Blu – Keep It Goin’ ft. U-God (Prod. Flying Lotus)

Yo Das Racist. They gave us a sick mixtape and they’re keeping it moving.

DOWNLOAD: Das Racist – I’m Up On That ft. Homeboy Sandman

POW POW POW! WAKA! WAKA! WAKA! FLOCKA! Fucking remix of Waka Flocka. How you not like? Yeaaaaaaah.

DOWNLOAD: Waka Flocka Flame – Oh, Let’s Do It (Heroes & Villains Remix)

New Incomparable Shakespeare with his songwriting partner Jon Solo. Hip-hop artists these days are all about indie rock samples, but how many of them got original indie rock compositions incorporated in their music? Inc Shaky making some good moves.

DOWNLOAD: Jon Solo & The Incomparable Shakespeare – Tell Me You’re Crazy

Ugh, Del and Vast Aire is all I need to hear. I’m there. Before I die, I want to host a Cannibal Ox reunion show, where they perform all of The Cold Vein. Vast Aire, Vordul Mega: email me. I got ideas.

DOWNLOAD: Virtuoso-Bay of Pigs (Ft. Del Tha Funkee Homosapien, Vast Aire, and Pidi T)