I’ve made a few other mixes for P&P. From what I remember (it gets tricky once you’ve posted four thousand and some times) here are the mixes:

Crumbs was a hip-hop mix, the kind that would please underground fans and heads that aren’t feeling most of the radio hits

Kill You was…um…I don’t really know. I made that one at 5am.

Fall Back was the most recent mix. It’s a collection indie/pop songs that I made for two of my friends and decided to share.

Now, here’s ***Rats. The titles of all my playlists in iTunes start with *’s or #’s so they show up at the top of the list. ***Rats doesn’t have much rhyme or reason behind it – just some good music to listen on a gloomy fall day. Hit the jump for the tracklisting and the download link. Enjoy.

DOWNLOAD: ***Rats: A Pigeons and Planes Mix