Here are two versions of “Coming Or Going”, off White Arrows’ debut EP Heart & Lungs, out in late August. It’s one of those songs that immediately catches your ear, which explains why the RAC Remix is going to be featured on Entourage in the near future. While everyone else is asking “What was that song from Entourage?” you can pretend like it’s old news and you’ve been on that shit for a while. This will ultimately give you more “cool points”, which will lead to more respect, better looking mates, and a higher quality of life. The purpose of life is often disputed but to me it seems pretty obvious – it’s all about cool points.

In other news, I’ve never seen a full episode of Entourage and I get excited about YouTube videos that involve dogs making funny noises. Stream the White Arrows’ tracks and download below (via the downward pointing arrows).

White Arrows – Coming Or Going (RAC REMIX)

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